Domination phone sex the little prick likes to frot

phone sex fetishes with GILF

Little prick rides the bus every morning to work. He loves to get his dick all sick up against various women. He doesn’t discriminate. The young, the old, the fucking immobile, the unaware. All of them are perfect corners, scratching posts, rubbing stations–just like a cat. He’s so good at this by now the little prick thinks he getting off unaware, filling his pants with the cream of indiscretion nearly 7 days a week.

Yes there were a few times that little prick almost got caught with his dick spurting in his trousers. There was the time that he rubbed against a nun for fun but she didn’t appreciate it and scolded him out loud. He ran as fast as he could and didn’t try again for a month.

Yes there were a few moments where what looked good stank–and the stink ruined the thrill of chaffing his chester against his target. Too bad. So Sad.

But then little prick rubbed up against me. Let’s just say–two peas in a pod. I am a older lady, yes but a phone sex pervert all the same. I can sniff out a fucker like this from miles away. I think I felt the force of his dribble before he even knew it and then of course he ran just like he did with the nun. The nun didn’t follow I did.

I caught him at a public urinal with his little prick out. His hand was bowed as if in shame and his right shoulder jerked to the rhythm of his hand trying to finish the deed. That panting–the panting a man makes when he masturbates–fucking the same in all little pricks. I approached from behind.

Let’s just say I had that little prick right where I wanted him. I pushed my tits in his face, smothered his mouth and nose with delicious cunt. Tied that little prick off so it couldn’t cum and made him my bitch forever. That’s what you get for frotting against a dominant phone sex Mistress.

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Strap-On & Spanking Phone Sex Session

Spanking Phone Sex

You’re going to be my Bitch for the day, I just bought a new strap-on and I am volunteering you to try it out. You will be face planted on my bed, legs spread wide, holding those cheeks open for “Big Red” my new strap-on. I will be using my old jar of crisco, you know the jar next to the stove. Lubing that anus hole up as I finger fuck you. I want you to scream out and beg for mercy while I pound your pink man pussy with “Big Red”. I hope you know that no matter how much you fucking scream or cry, you are still going to be my Bitch today. I don’t want you to think this will be the only time you call me for strap-on phone sex, I know you will be back for more.

You do realize that “Pain is Pleasure”, that is why everyone that calls me for ass whipping phone sex always calls back. One you have laid over my knees with that thingy of yours being held tight with my knees, you always want more. You want to be Mistress Bella’s Bitch for the day because of the way I make you feel, the way I keep you on your toes, never letting you know if you will be able to cum this time or if I am just going to hang up on you and leaving you hanging, not knowing if you should finish or if I will get mad. You dread hearing “That brings us to the end of our session”. Do you think you have the balls to call me for your strap-on & spanking phone sex session today?

Mistress Bella @ 1-866-459-7245

BDSM Phone Sex

BDSM Phone Sex

I am sick of all of this tease and denial and sensual domination shit time for Me to get rough!  Time for some BDSM Phone Sex and you are the perfect patsy for Me.  You are so pathetic that you know you deserve to be punished!

I know what you want, you want to be able to see and play with My beautiful pussy.  Well you are going to have to prove yourself worthy of it and even then you may not get it at all!

You are going to have to endure some CBT Phone Sex from Me and I won’t go easy on you either!  We are talking clothes pins, Safety pins, elastic bands and some more items to torture your pathetically small dick with.

So if you need to be punished to prove yourself worthy then give the Mistress a call and let me torture you!

Mistress Mayhem @ 1-866-359-9273


How I control cocks and ruin orgasms

cock control phone sex

Even though I live for the erotic side of seductive domination phone sex I, too, have a sadistic side. No, my sadism doesn’t really encompass CBT or hardcore pain play–but I do have a bit of a fetish for ruining a man’s orgasm. I love this fetish on two fronts. The first front–I’m in control of the ultimate pleasure you experience. Complete control–and this turns me the fuck on! I love knowing I am on top and in control at all times so when I’m stroking you or using my beautiful mouth in what feels like a reward on your cock–then I push my thumb down and over your dick hole as you hit the apex of your pleasure–well the cum backs up and the balls turn blue. Cybill gets to laugh at you!

I also love the guise of a romantic phone sex call where we make love, make out. I let you have a little of this candy between my legs. I love to use my perfect body to tease your cock to that point of no return. Oh, what’s the bucket of ice by the bed–giggles…why don’t you let miss Cybill give you a ruined orgasm phone sex session–and we can explore that angle much to my delight!

Humiliation Phone Sex

The party is great.  Lots of people we know are gathered around and admiring the huge rock you put on my hand.  Up until you proposed I have been the perfect little girlfriend.  The little miss Prim and proper–but now that you have tethered yourself with a nice expensive gem my true colors need to come out.  The party I’ve thrown is but the first step of many in which you will be seduced into servitude to your beautiful new wife.

I don’t need to rely on psycho-tropic drugs because the shear beauty of me bewitches.  My beauty is the drug and we’re dancing with all my friends gathered around us.  I have a way of making you feel it is just us and before you know it you are naked in the center of the room with my hand firmly gripping your erect cock.  You notice everyone is crowding in to see–to see what you lack and they are all laughing at you.  On person mouths their sympathies but you are so aroused from the humiliation phone sex and erection that you fall to your knees.  The perfect place for

you.  Through the haze of you watering eyes you notice that people are masturbating and making out all around you.  You feel feminized as I am behind you dressed in full leather with an 8″ cock penetrating your virgin phone sex asshole.


Destruction and Chaos Phone Sex

Destruction and Chaos Phone Sex

Welcome to My world of destruction and chaos, that is why My name is Mistress Mayhem. The chaos and destruction is what is going to be going on in your little brain when I get a hold of you.

I will mind fuck you and tease you so bad you won’t know what is going on and you will be so confused.  I will tease you with My body and especially my pussy and ass and I guarantee you will be going crazy wanting this pussy. I will have My pussy inches from your face but you will be tied up so you can’t even reach out and touch it, I will just put My pussy in front of your nose so you can smell the fragrance eluding off of it.  I know that will make your little cock hard but you can’t touch it at all!

I will be taunting you putting My pussy in front of your face and promise you that I will untie you if you are a good boy but I won’t because that is one of the things I will do to mind fuck you!  I would be saying you want My pussy don’t you?  You smell it and it smells so good, please Mistress, untie me, I really need to touch my cock and lick your pussy!  I know but that will not happen in this Domination phone sex on you! So if you can handle some chaos and destruction of both of your brains then give this Phone Sex Mistress a call!

Mistress Mayhem @ 1-866-359-9273