Let Bella Be Your Guide To Orgasm Control

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex


I want you to just sit back, close your eyes and imagine just what it would feel like to be edged closer and closer to an earth shattering orgasm by someone talking in your ear. I bet anything is better than your hand. You’re going to have to give up control of your dick to Bella and let me tell you how to stroke that dick, how hard to grip it. But the most important thing that you are going to be giving up is the decision of when and where you get to have an orgasm, it wont be up to you this time!

It’s always so much fun for me to have a Guided Masturbation Phone Sex session with a man who doesn’t like giving up control to another person, especially a Woman. But you see, men like that are exactly the people who need Bella to help them. You are going to be so liberated by the feeling of sweet surrender. I know that you’ll be so pleased by the sound of my voice in your ear, telling you exactly how to handle your dick. You’re going to be sent to the edge over and over. Your balls will ache and you will beg me to let you have that sweet release. But you need to know that your orgasm will be happening when I say that it can. Remember, Guided Masturbation Phone Sex is on my terms, not yours.

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Fetish Phone Sex

BDSM Phone Sex


Nothing surprises me much anymore with it comes to fetish sex and what people can potentially be turned on by. There are literally too many fetish fantasies to count. But it’s that kinky surprise that makes fetish phone sex so interesting to me.

I especially love it when the subject of worship comes into play… be it the worship of some part of my perfect female body. Ass worship, is one of my favorites. Another is the worship of my thick strap-on cock. I adore the sounds you make just before I ram it deep down inside a virgin ass for some nice, rough domination sex. I also find necessary the display of obeisance from a devoted slave, which so very nicely feeds my desire for domination in all aspects.

Maybe what you love is seeing a beautiful, dominant woman dressed in sexy fetish clothing. The kind of tight fitting outfit a true dominatrix would wear. Perhaps you desire to wear such beautiful things. Do you crave slipping into some black lace panties? Sounds like you and I have things to discuss.

Maybe it’s the sexual fantasy of surrendering the control of your cock to a masturbatrix for an all-consuming guided masturbation session. Just imagine being compelled to do exactly what I says.

I bet you have a foot fetish. Looking at gorgeous women and their long legs, those sexy stockings that caress their calves all the way down to those drop dead high heel shoes? You are silently begging her to take those off and run her foot up the shaft of your hard fuck tool. The thought of that makes you weak in the knees.

Maybe you like being verbally humiliated by a particular type of dominant woman… a humiliatrix. Your fetish is that of male humiliation, and to be honest, that is one of my favorites! I’m a lifestyle dominatrix. You’ve have no idea what kind of verbal and physical punishment I can put you through. The stories I could tell you. Small penis humiliation, public ridicule, degradation, emasculating you with my razor sharp tongue… you name it and I’ll take you places that will make your cock raging hard, your face red with embarrassment, and your eyes run with tears.

Mistress Malice @ 1-877-792-2457

Ass worship phone sex

Humiliation phone sex



There you are looking at Me like a panting little puppy dog. Gawd you are so pathetic and such a loser. You know I am better than you and that is why you are following Me around. You are hoping you I will let you worship My ass, with your little pathetic prick, you’ll be lucky if I let you even gravel at My feet. That is your place, you pathetic piece of dirt, that is all you mean to Me. So go ahead worship My ass, I will grab that back of your head and make you smell of My ass juices. You will also lick My ass, cleaning it up for Me.

So if you’re in the mood for a little Humiliation phone sex, then I am the Mistress for you. Maybe you just want to let loose and get some Domination phone sex from Me. Either way I promise you will get what you deserve.

Mistress Mayhem @ 1-866-359-9273

Do NOT cum without My permission

Slave phone sex



I acquired a new little Sissy Girl this past week. She loved when I dressed her up in pretty little pink panties, pink bra and a little nightie! She always has lots of toys to play with when we talk. She will do anything for her Mistress. I even made her get on cam so I could make sure she was playing with the toys I told her to play with.

She had all kinds of toys like a good little sissy slut should. I made her put clothes pins on her balls and nipples. Then I made her fuck her little pussy with a nice big dildo. I didn’t think her dildo was quite enough so I pulled out My 10” Strap on and showed her what a good little sissy girl she should be.

After that she obeyed her Mistress and everything I told her to do. I made her take off her panties and rub her little clitty with them. She said it felt so good and she felt like she was going to cum. I told her she can’t cum without My permission. She had no choice but to agree with Me. So she kept rubbing and I made her go to the edge and then stop so she wouldn’t cum. I told her she had to beg Me if she wanted to cum. She had to tell me what a good little sissy slut she is and that she was all Mine! I then made her beg and beg to cum. I usually don’t let My little pets cum but she was so good and did everything I told her. I made her beg and beg again for her release and I finally granted her wish.

When you call Me I will expect complete obedience. I will do with you what I want and you will ask no questions. If you are good enough I might let you touch Me, which I know is what you really want. I might dress you up as a Sissy and whore you out or I might make you lick My shoes who knows what I might cum up with, but you WILL obey! So call me for your Domination phone sex!

Mistress Mayhem @ 1-866-359-9273

Domination phone sex Carmilla: These shoes are made for fucking

I love sloppy making out with lots of tongue, slurping and grinding. Back in the day, they called this necking–and I don’t think they call it that anymore–whatever it is though it still gets me fucking horny and wet. I want you and I to start our kinky phone sex call with this good ole fashioned slurp and kiss session. Let’s get each other juiced up before we move into the next phase of our call.

I love to dress to the nines. I have an exquisite body that I love to showcase in black and silver corsetts and stockings. I am a sucker for the expensive stuff and I always wear a tiny tear drop diamond to offset all of this. I have tremendously expensive new shoes that are awfully special darling. They look great on my feet–soon you’ll see.

I’ll lay back and have you licking my slit up and down and from hole to hole as I brag about my shoes. You are getting hornier by the minute as you taste me and tongue my quivering cunt. Then I suck your cock, I take you all into my mouth and in between slurps I start talking about my special shoes again. You are begging me to put them on before you know.

What’s so special about my shoes? Well I intend to use them on my sexy feet to kick your ass, but it’s an ass kicking you’ll love. My special stilettos cum equipped with a fat, 4” penile shaped toe and for the shoe fetish phone sex connoisseur I will have you squealing for my entire foot up your ass by the time I am done with you.

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Domination phone sex audio recording: What happens when you break our agreement


You hear the click clacking of my heels on the hardwood as you kneel there on the small pillow I’ve allowed you to use for this occasion. You had again disobeyed. You went to work as normal, but instead of wearing the dirty panties you were ordered to wear you wore regular boxers. Our contract states specifically that you were to discard all offending undergarments–boxer shorts are disgusting. They do not suit me and therefore they do not belong on you. I had told you many times that I would use the cane, or the the whip, but after the 10th offense I need to make a lasting impression. Your hands have been bound over your head, stretched beyond your shoulders to accentuate the muscles I so enjoy oggling.

You may look up.

Right in front of you I stand with a pair of shear to the waist black hose. My feet are adorned by pointed toe, red stilletto shoes with a 4” heel. Through the fog of your weakened state you notice that there is a hole in the crotch of my pantyhose. You see the deliverer of the message, flesh colored and protruding from the hole.

Looks menacing doesn’t it, love? You see, when you are given an order it is upon you to follow the order to the letter. I am quite literal you see. I have no room for shades of grey in my dungeon. So, since you decided to break my contract with you I have decided that turn about is fair play. I chose one of your many hard limits and I decided to write that into the contract so as to make it very clear that my orders are to be followed perfectly and without hesitation.

Call me for domination phone sex that will have you considering to rethink your limits and make you toe the line. I am a real life phone sex Mistress and I salivate at the chance to train a real submissive.