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Let me be very clear--I expect you will call Me and I will expect you to obey Me. You will be my fuck toy for the duration of our session. I will use you like a nasty little slut, rubbing my ass and pussy all over your face while you beg to stick that thing between your legs into My nest of wonderful. It depends on My mood if I let you. The point I am trying to make is that with Me you lose your say--it is all about Me--pleasing Me--amusing Me--fucking yourself for Me--whatever it takes and whatever I need to get my jollies at your expense.

I am a demanding Mistress who offers the following phone sex Domination services: Guided Masturbation, Cock Control, Chastity, Contractual Submissiveness, Autoerotic masturbation and mindful masturbation, Tasking (ask for prices), Blackmail (make sure you are really into this because I make it sound so real it’ll scare you), Financial Domination (only REAL money pigs please, no wannabes), panty boys and sissies, Extreme verbal humiliation and abuse, CBT and guided electro-stimulation.


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$2.50 a minute with a 10 minute minimum.
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