Worship My Benevolent Ass!

I am called Mistress, Goddess, and Benevolent by my devoted slaves, and their presentation of ass worship express how true these titles are. I love hearing men sing the glorious praises of my perfect behind, while their cocks get harder with every word…  always ending with them begging to stroke and cum to the fantasy of only me. Occasionally I even let my most loyal devotees orgasm while they focus on dazzling my gorgeous ass hole, my beautiful bottom hovering just inches above them.

I truly enjoy closing our eyes together while I listen to you tell me of your love for my sexy behind… visualizing exactly what you would do to win my favor as our ass worship phone sex fantasy comes alive in our minds through our delicious words. How sensational it would be if I suddenly commanded you closer… my sexy silky voice telling you to worship my superb ass… licking and kissing with your tongue and mouth, while grasping your manhood with your hands… stroking it because I want you to.

Lucky Lucky Man!

Lucky Lucky Man!

Fortunately for me My perfect ass is just one more of the many many blessings I have been granted that make it so easy for me to get everything I want in life… and, let’s be honest here-  if what I wanted was you, you would undoubtedly fall into my absolute and complete control whenever I pleased. Fetish phone sex is a clear path to sensual domination, as any dominant woman will tell you. Doubt it silly boy? Well … call me and see.


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