Paramour Domination Phone Sex

Check yourself before you wreck yourself, sit and shut your mouth for paramour domination phone sex. Being my paramour means you have been strategically placed to entertain me on a whim. Never forget that! When a Mistress elects to use you, you scrub of a man for my amusement you should be more than accommodating when it comes to MY pleasure. Your pleasure is nothing, literally without moi’. Mind raping you constantly is what gets me off, toying with you like cat and mouse until I am ready to pounce. Little man who the hell do you think you are telling me I am not the sole Mistress of your useless cock?

Without me you are stuck going down the god damn vanilla brick road with your thumb up your ass, if you happened to slip! Calling me anything other than Mistress is an insult to even your intelligence and you are not the sharpest tool in my dildo set. Begging and pleading for me one day, the next your arrogance bleeds through revealing the true you. Such a pig of a man, you need your mouth taped and your ass done until you piss yourself and tremble. 

If you want that squeaky clean reputation, if you want that leave it to beaver bullshit. Keep your ass in the burbs, and your hand out of my damn cookie jar. Because these cookies are not here to be fondled, they are for good little toy boys who mind, appreciate, and worship their Goddess. Being your wife is not my deal, I am the other woman.. I am the one you seek for retreat, phone sex Mistress, phone sex Domina, phone sex BITCH.. But a simple dick bicycle I am not. Zero fucks, zero chill, and you need your dick pill because your ego exploded prematurely like your cock.

Kick rocks bitch boy, frankly speaking I got what I wanted.. You ran, not crawled, begged, and made a total ass of yourself. Either you are willing to admit it or not, I am the only Mistress that can keep your interest, for that. I demand respect. Keep this paramour domination phone sex blog as your shining example as a GUIDO FAIL! Raping you in the ass with a fuck machine is to good for you, stay lost in vanilla land jerking to boy bands bitch. 

Welcome to the Maze, good luck finding your way out 😉 .  For you I left the door open and called a cab. You can always find your knees, beg.