Humiliation Phone Sex

The party is great.  Lots of people we know are gathered around and admiring the huge rock you put on my hand.  Up until you proposed I have been the perfect little girlfriend.  The little miss Prim and proper–but now that you have tethered yourself with a nice expensive gem my true colors need to come out.  The party I’ve thrown is but the first step of many in which you will be seduced into servitude to your beautiful new wife.

I don’t need to rely on psycho-tropic drugs because the shear beauty of me bewitches.  My beauty is the drug and we’re dancing with all my friends gathered around us.  I have a way of making you feel it is just us and before you know it you are naked in the center of the room with my hand firmly gripping your erect cock.  You notice everyone is crowding in to see–to see what you lack and they are all laughing at you.  On person mouths their sympathies but you are so aroused from the humiliation phone sex and erection that you fall to your knees.  The perfect place for

you.  Through the haze of you watering eyes you notice that people are masturbating and making out all around you.  You feel feminized as I am behind you dressed in full leather with an 8″ cock penetrating your virgin phone sex asshole.