Wallet draining phone sex

wallet draining phone sex

I am really into Ordered Intox Phone Sex. Getting a man so drunk that he’ll do anything I tell him to do, what’s not to love about that? Most guys love Ordered Intoxication because it gives them the courage to do things they want to do, but are just too afraid to do it. One of those things is spoiling a MILF like me totally rotten! Adding a little bit of Financial Domination Phone Sex  to our Ordered Intox call will be just the thing to put me in an awesome mood! Before you call me, make sure that you have enough alcohol to get you drunk. You know yourself, so I will give you then benefit of the doubt when it comes to how much to have on hand. Just be sure that you don’t let me down. It won’t be pretty if you do. Oh, the fun we will have. And that fun will start when you take your first shot. Let that start flowing through your body a little bit and then I’m going to ask you what you’re going to do to me, or what your going to buy me. If you are still hesitant, it will be another shot for you! I wonder how many it will take before you start spilling your guts to me, crying to me about your dreaded home life? Probably not much, because I know you want to spoil me. You just needed a little bit of liquid courage to have the nerve to spend the kind of money we’re talking about, you know taking our time and doing a long call, adding minuets just when you thought I was going to let you go. I hope you’re ready for hot Intense Ordered Intox Phone Sex with me. You’ll be totally wasted and you’re also going to be totally broke once I am done with you, we may talk for hours. I can’t wait to talk to you and drain you!

Bella @ 1-866-459-7245

Strap-On Phone Sex

Strap-On Phone Sex

Are you looking for some Strap-On Phone Sex? If you’re inexperienced, please don’t worry. I would go slowly and take it easy on you until you get used to it. I will start out slow with a lot of lube and something not to thick. I’d train your ass to take many sizes. You can’t just shove something into a virgin asshole unless you actually want to be in pain. I will work my oiled up fingers into your ass one at a time until you can take three of them and you’re begging me to fuck you harder. That’s when I’ll get out my Strap-On cock and ease it into you ready slick hole. You might not think so, but you will be begging and loving this more than you could ever imagine. I will take charge with my Strap-On even if you are a woman!

But for every man out there who hasn’t yet experienced a Strap-On cock, there are probably two who have. I tell you, once a man has his ass filled, he turns into an anal slut, always looking for the next woman who will fuck his asshole with her big Strap-On. I love bending those guys over and fucking them like the whores they are. Does that sound like you? Do you need to be bent over and pounded? Or maybe you want to lay on your back with your legs up to your chest like a real fucking slut. I’m a pro with a Strap-On and it’s time you bent over for me, isn’t it? Whether you are brand new and have never even had a finger in your ass or you’re a dirty anal whore, I am ready and willing to give you what you need when you call me for Strap-On Phone Sex.

Tawnee @ 1-877-826-9387

Showing the pervert in you what perverted phone sex really means!

Big Black Phone Sex Strap on

I love catching all of your perverted guys doing something perverted.  Like for instance I caught this one guy peeping in a young girls window with his dick out stroking it.  I quickly grabbed the collar of his shirt and yanked him back.  I had him put his dick back into his pants and I led him to My car to take him to My place.

When we got to My place I had him take all of his clothes off.  I told him I was going to teach him what Perverted phone sex guys like him get punished.  So I had him get on his hands and knees on the floor. I got My leather paddle out and paddled his ass cheeks until they were rosy red.  Then I told him if he was going to stroke his cock watching young girls through their bedroom window then I was going to bring out my Big Black Phone Sex Strap on.  So I put that big black strap on around My pussy and start teasing you with it, rubbing it on your face and taunting you with it.

Then I get behind you and rub it on your ass crack and then tell you it is time to punish the pervert!  So I shove that big black strap on into your tight little ass and start fucking you hard!  This is what you get for being a pervert and now you are Mine and will do what I want!

Mistress Mayhem @ 1-866-359-9273


Fucked Up Phone Sex

Fucked Up Phone Sex

I’m looking for a very Kinky and Extreme guy that’s into Fucked Up Phone Sex, are you the one for me? I will bow down and turn into a the perfect cock sucking slut for the perfect phone sex Master. Cum tie this submissive phone sex slut up for a bondage session, one that will surely torture my massive tits and then finish with an Ass Loving Phone Sex session. Dig into your box of sex toys and find the biggest dildo you can find and plunger my ass with it and then give me a good ole fashion Spanking for an Anal Phone Sex experience I won’t soon forget. I mean the harder the better.

I want my ass red with welts of your pleasure spread across my cheeks. I want people to see me and know that I am owned by you. Bend me over and tie my arms and legs to the dining room table. Use our kitchen as our sick bondage chamber. Ball gag my mouth so I won’t scream as you punish me for my own good. We don’t want any one else to know of our Extreme Phone Sex session. Spank my ass hard, please I beg of you. Then we’ll turn this Fucked Up Phone Sex encounter into a Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex call as I grab your dick and start stroking you while you finger fuck my cunt. Keep going harder and faster until we both explode in a pool of our own sweat and juices.

Ginger @ 1-888-892-7594


Cock Control Phone sex

Cock control phone sex

You have a weakness.  All men do.  Once that weakness is uncovered by a woman with manipulation phone sex tendencies you’re ass is bought, sold and owned.  I prefer to do this in a more subtle way than most.  I don’t really enjoy thinking of you as a loser with a wallet.  I delight in the knowledge of your hardening cock.  Your will decreases exponentially the harder your dick becomes.  That’s why I employ sweet and sultry methods to break you down and confess your masturbation phone sex demons into my ear.

We don’t always get there on the first erotic domination phone sex session.  Sometimes it takes a few sessions and some exchange of email before your flood gates open–until i have the key.  Once I have the key though, I get off on head fucking that lock until it is worn out and not able to hold closed the door to your sexual perversions.

I am a naturally Dominant woman–I don’t need to act, yell, scream or otherwise.  I just want complicity born out of your complete lust for me.  What I can give you.  Is it my mind you want?  Then I use it to tickled your dick with the intelligence your cock craves.  Is it my tits you want?  Then i will use those tits to compel you to look at my photos, exposing myself with flashing phone sex until you are too weak to resist.  Do you want my feet?  Then it is my feet I will use against your best will to keep me from breaking you down–making your dick hard.  Whatever it is that compels you I will figure it out and exploit it and you during our cock control phone sex calls.


Meredith @ 1-877-596-6352


Paramour Domination Phone Sex

Check yourself before you wreck yourself, sit and shut your mouth for paramour domination phone sex. Being my paramour means you have been strategically placed to entertain me on a whim. Never forget that! When a Mistress elects to use you, you scrub of a man for my amusement you should be more than accommodating when it comes to MY pleasure. Your pleasure is nothing, literally without moi’. Mind raping you constantly is what gets me off, toying with you like cat and mouse until I am ready to pounce. Little man who the hell do you think you are telling me I am not the sole Mistress of your useless cock?

Without me you are stuck going down the god damn vanilla brick road with your thumb up your ass, if you happened to slip! Calling me anything other than Mistress is an insult to even your intelligence and you are not the sharpest tool in my dildo set. Begging and pleading for me one day, the next your arrogance bleeds through revealing the true you. Such a pig of a man, you need your mouth taped and your ass done until you piss yourself and tremble. 

If you want that squeaky clean reputation, if you want that leave it to beaver bullshit. Keep your ass in the burbs, and your hand out of my damn cookie jar. Because these cookies are not here to be fondled, they are for good little toy boys who mind, appreciate, and worship their Goddess. Being your wife is not my deal, I am the other woman.. I am the one you seek for retreat, phone sex Mistress, phone sex Domina, phone sex BITCH.. But a simple dick bicycle I am not. Zero fucks, zero chill, and you need your dick pill because your ego exploded prematurely like your cock.

Kick rocks bitch boy, frankly speaking I got what I wanted.. You ran, not crawled, begged, and made a total ass of yourself. Either you are willing to admit it or not, I am the only Mistress that can keep your interest, for that. I demand respect. Keep this paramour domination phone sex blog as your shining example as a GUIDO FAIL! Raping you in the ass with a fuck machine is to good for you, stay lost in vanilla land jerking to boy bands bitch. 

Welcome to the Maze, good luck finding your way out 😉 .  For you I left the door open and called a cab. You can always find your knees, beg.