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Little prick rides the bus every morning to work. He loves to get his dick all sick up against various women. He doesn’t discriminate. The young, the old, the fucking immobile, the unaware. All of them are perfect corners, scratching posts, rubbing stations–just like a cat. He’s so good at this by now the little prick thinks he getting off unaware, filling his pants with the cream of indiscretion nearly 7 days a week.

Yes there were a few times that little prick almost got caught with his dick spurting in his trousers. There was the time that he rubbed against a nun for fun but she didn’t appreciate it and scolded him out loud. He ran as fast as he could and didn’t try again for a month.

Yes there were a few moments where what looked good stank–and the stink ruined the thrill of chaffing his chester against his target. Too bad. So Sad.

But then little prick rubbed up against me. Let’s just say–two peas in a pod. I am a older lady, yes but a phone sex pervert all the same. I can sniff out a fucker like this from miles away. I think I felt the force of his dribble before he even knew it and then of course he ran just like he did with the nun. The nun didn’t follow I did.

I caught him at a public urinal with his little prick out. His hand was bowed as if in shame and his right shoulder jerked to the rhythm of his hand trying to finish the deed. That panting–the panting a man makes when he masturbates–fucking the same in all little pricks. I approached from behind.

Let’s just say I had that little prick right where I wanted him. I pushed my tits in his face, smothered his mouth and nose with delicious cunt. Tied that little prick off so it couldn’t cum and made him my bitch forever. That’s what you get for frotting against a dominant phone sex Mistress.

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 Sometimes I get off on making guys seek and then tap into things they would dare dream of if they were not aroused. Jersey slut is one of those guys. He’s one of my favorites because I really do get off on some of the crazy shit that he does. I have made Jersey slut take out ads on Craig’s list–advertising his own ass so that he can then call me for masturbation phone sex and I can hear him fuck. On this point I have listened to him fuck huge and morbidly obese women–having them sit on his face. He told me that one of them smelled awful. As sick as this turned me on and made me laugh.

He has fucked tranny dick for me too. Huge black tranny dick. He will fuck anything for me including power tools. Back when I had more time he was even able to fuck me in various elevator shafts with wrenches and screwdrivers.

I just wanted to pay tribute to the slut who not only makes me laugh–he also is one of the ONLY guys who consitently votes for me on PSC–he believes that much in my talents and my laugh at his sexual antics always goes right through him.

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Summer is my favorite time of the year, what can I say I love wearing my bikini and teasing all the buff men. I went sun tanning on the beach yesterday, and just couldn’t resist the urge to strip off my bikini and let the sun soak my body. I knew there was always a chance of someone seeing me but it just made me hot and before I knew it I was fingering my tight pussy as the hot sun tanned my skin.

I came so hard it was dripping down my inner thigh, Now I sit here thinking about it, I find myself wishing you were on the beach yesterday so you could have some hot public beach sex with me. Oh Yeah.. I am moist just thinking about it, let me grab my favorite toy and lets finish this fantasy off with some Public beach phone sex. Public Sex

Cum do me baby right here on the public beach, you know you want me now, and the idea of getting seen just makes you want me more! Whip out that throbbing cock and call me now lover, dripping naked pussy awaits you!

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