Little pecker phone sex

Little pecker phone sex

You and I have been out on three dates and have not had sex yet but we decided tonight was going to be the night.  So we start making out, taking our clothes off, so you could only imagine my disappointment at that thing in your pants was the Little Pecker phone sex thing!  I knew what I had to do next I need to do some Small Cock Humiliation phone sex!

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Pissing Phone SexYou deserve a drink after a long hard day of serving me. My pissing phone sex hits the spot. Every drop you drink from my hot wet cream pie is sticky sweet. My hot golden nectar fully satisfies your lust to be my toilet slave. And if your a really naughty boy my dirty ass could use some attention! I love being your pissing phone sex mistress! Your mouth is my playground to fill. You long to worship everything that comes out of my perfect precious holes. Never have you experienced such a goddess. I am everything you could ever desire. Get on your knees and lap up every last drop.

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You questioned me about that dent in the wall behind the head board. Ever wonder how it got there *Snickers?


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I want three things out of life
-and bringing you pain.

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