Anal boot camp

I am your sissy boy phone sex trainer,and I am going to train your shit hole to take huge big black cocks. No more tiny toys for you! You are in the big leagues now bitch! 12-18 inch dicks with the girth of a soda can. Don’t worry they make toys for garbage can man cunts like you. I want you to be my sissy boy slut cum dumpster. Big black cocks line up for the chance to fuck your sweet ass hard. Don’t even try to pretend the idea of anal¬† doesn’t totally turn you on. I want the boys to make a line around you and form a massive circle jerk while they wait their turn to destroy your man pussy. Then because your a pathetic cum addict you will suck every one of those shitty dicks until you get the last drop. I want you fucked until the stuff runs bitch! And I want a nice brown ring around your mouth too. IF your lucky I will let you keep your dick, if not I may chop it off and feed it to you the next morning. You would look so cute as a dick less tranny. your hairy saggy balls hanging down with nothing in front of them. Then you will have to sit and piss like a girl now wouldn’t that be fun. You don’t need your cock anyway now do you? Now when you have a man pussy to fill with lots of dirty prison cock! Maybe I should volunteer you to go up there and wear heels and a dress, prance around and beg men to fuck you. Doesn’t the thought of big men bending you over one after the other make your ass swell with anticipation? It hurts so good to be fucked by so many. Gang bang after gang bang, covered in splooge! All that thick jizz ¬†from all those big black cocks pouring out of your cheeks. Yum!


  1. John Oakes says:

    love to suck 5 big black dicks clean after they come out of my dirty ass;then eat the assholes of all 5 black guys.

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