Strap-On & Spanking Phone Sex Session

Spanking Phone Sex

You’re going to be my Bitch for the day, I just bought a new strap-on and I am volunteering you to try it out. You will be face planted on my bed, legs spread wide, holding those cheeks open for “Big Red” my new strap-on. I will be using my old jar of crisco, you know the jar next to the stove. Lubing that anus hole up as I finger fuck you. I want you to scream out and beg for mercy while I pound your pink man pussy with “Big Red”. I hope you know that no matter how much you fucking scream or cry, you are still going to be my Bitch today. I don’t want you to think this will be the only time you call me for strap-on phone sex, I know you will be back for more.

You do realize that “Pain is Pleasure”, that is why everyone that calls me for ass whipping phone sex always calls back. One you have laid over my knees with that thingy of yours being held tight with my knees, you always want more. You want to be Mistress Bella’s Bitch for the day because of the way I make you feel, the way I keep you on your toes, never letting you know if you will be able to cum this time or if I am just going to hang up on you and leaving you hanging, not knowing if you should finish or if I will get mad. You dread hearing “That brings us to the end of our session”. Do you think you have the balls to call me for your strap-on & spanking phone sex session today?

Mistress Bella @ 1-866-459-7245