BDSM Phone Sex

BDSM Phone Sex

I am sick of all of this tease and denial and sensual domination shit time for Me to get rough!  Time for some BDSM Phone Sex and you are the perfect patsy for Me.  You are so pathetic that you know you deserve to be punished!

I know what you want, you want to be able to see and play with My beautiful pussy.  Well you are going to have to prove yourself worthy of it and even then you may not get it at all!

You are going to have to endure some CBT Phone Sex from Me and I won’t go easy on you either!  We are talking clothes pins, Safety pins, elastic bands and some more items to torture your pathetically small dick with.

So if you need to be punished to prove yourself worthy then give the Mistress a call and let me torture you!

Mistress Mayhem @ 1-866-359-9273


How I control cocks and ruin orgasms

cock control phone sex

Even though I live for the erotic side of seductive domination phone sex I, too, have a sadistic side. No, my sadism doesn’t really encompass CBT or hardcore pain play–but I do have a bit of a fetish for ruining a man’s orgasm. I love this fetish on two fronts. The first front–I’m in control of the ultimate pleasure you experience. Complete control–and this turns me the fuck on! I love knowing I am on top and in control at all times so when I’m stroking you or using my beautiful mouth in what feels like a reward on your cock–then I push my thumb down and over your dick hole as you hit the apex of your pleasure–well the cum backs up and the balls turn blue. Cybill gets to laugh at you!

I also love the guise of a romantic phone sex call where we make love, make out. I let you have a little of this candy between my legs. I love to use my perfect body to tease your cock to that point of no return. Oh, what’s the bucket of ice by the bed–giggles…why don’t you let miss Cybill give you a ruined orgasm phone sex session–and we can explore that angle much to my delight!