Necrophilia Phonesex

It is time to crack open a cold one and enjoy the hollow’s eve with necrophilia phone sex. Oh no fears I would never send you off alone in the woods to dig up something ancient and decaying. Follow the swish of my hips to your own personal amusement park.. The morgue, where there lies the one whom got away. She meant so much to you in life, and you know how beautiful she was on the outside, now feel her cold dead hand wrapped around your shaft as I crack the bones from the riggers that crept in. Light bulb up her ass gets her warm, but I think you should slip inside with the flies and let that cold take you away as you lean in and kiss those dead lips.

Send her 6 foot under with your load oozing from inside that perfect peachy comb. Lick her lips, and taste the frost bite as you climb right on top of that slab with her. Her eyes should be open, so she can look at you with that forever stare, so she can see the real man who longed to fuck her so much… that he ends up in the coffin with her.

Opps, guess I should have told you a little more about me. This is just the start of my fetish fantasy. Once you was about to cum I just slice your throat catching all your juices. Riding you until it pumps out of your heart cold as mud. Then slipping you under her in that coffin before I take my loot home.. Bathing in your essence while all her mourners send you along. 2 birds one stone and I got to scratch that itch for my necrophilia phone sex bone.

Welcome to the Maze boys, happy hunting.. good luck finding your way out.

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Cuckold Phone Sex

Domination Phone Sex & Cuckold Phone Sex

I am a mature woman who just happens to be a Dominatrix and I specialize in Cuckold Phone Sex. Are you curious about becoming a cuckold for your girlfriend or wife? A Dominatrix doesn’t have to inflict pain and suffering on you, she just has to be the one in charge of the action! Mistress Bella loves to tease & deny, and push your pleasure buttons to the limit.

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Evil Accomplice Phone Sex

How many times has a sexy tall glass of water lead you into evil temptation phone sex? Well more than likely none, because you keep your demons tucked away inside. Today while strolling thru the park I heard whimpering from inside the bathroom shack. Upon arrival I seen the most uncanny scene, a little girl glory hole being used to its fullest extent.

Rather than protect and serve, I began enticing, egging on, and telling them how to suffer her even better. Using others to get your means, is like using them like you would a paper towel. Do the dirty work and leave them as glassy eyed fuck puppets upon exit.

Who am I? The bitch that opens the door, the Mistress that gives you punishment while you enjoy every god damn sin known to man kind. Having a sexy demonic blonde on your shoulder has its advantages, you take the pleasure and I endure the sin. All good guys are welcome and sick fucks consider this your invitation to join me for evil temptation phone sex.