Domination phone sex Carmilla: These shoes are made for fucking

I love sloppy making out with lots of tongue, slurping and grinding. Back in the day, they called this necking–and I don’t think they call it that anymore–whatever it is though it still gets me fucking horny and wet. I want you and I to start our kinky phone sex call with this good ole fashioned slurp and kiss session. Let’s get each other juiced up before we move into the next phase of our call.

I love to dress to the nines. I have an exquisite body that I love to showcase in black and silver corsetts and stockings. I am a sucker for the expensive stuff and I always wear a tiny tear drop diamond to offset all of this. I have tremendously expensive new shoes that are awfully special darling. They look great on my feet–soon you’ll see.

I’ll lay back and have you licking my slit up and down and from hole to hole as I brag about my shoes. You are getting hornier by the minute as you taste me and tongue my quivering cunt. Then I suck your cock, I take you all into my mouth and in between slurps I start talking about my special shoes again. You are begging me to put them on before you know.

What’s so special about my shoes? Well I intend to use them on my sexy feet to kick your ass, but it’s an ass kicking you’ll love. My special stilettos cum equipped with a fat, 4” penile shaped toe and for the shoe fetish phone sex connoisseur I will have you squealing for my entire foot up your ass by the time I am done with you.

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