Domination phone sex audio recording: What happens when you break our agreement


You hear the click clacking of my heels on the hardwood as you kneel there on the small pillow I’ve allowed you to use for this occasion. You had again disobeyed. You went to work as normal, but instead of wearing the dirty panties you were ordered to wear you wore regular boxers. Our contract states specifically that you were to discard all offending undergarments–boxer shorts are disgusting. They do not suit me and therefore they do not belong on you. I had told you many times that I would use the cane, or the the whip, but after the 10th offense I need to make a lasting impression. Your hands have been bound over your head, stretched beyond your shoulders to accentuate the muscles I so enjoy oggling.

You may look up.

Right in front of you I stand with a pair of shear to the waist black hose. My feet are adorned by pointed toe, red stilletto shoes with a 4” heel. Through the fog of your weakened state you notice that there is a hole in the crotch of my pantyhose. You see the deliverer of the message, flesh colored and protruding from the hole.

Looks menacing doesn’t it, love? You see, when you are given an order it is upon you to follow the order to the letter. I am quite literal you see. I have no room for shades of grey in my dungeon. So, since you decided to break my contract with you I have decided that turn about is fair play. I chose one of your many hard limits and I decided to write that into the contract so as to make it very clear that my orders are to be followed perfectly and without hesitation.

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Domination phone sex erotic hypnosis phone sex

 domination phone sex meredith

Through the phone I can hear the tension. Perhaps you’re full of anxiety after picking the phone and paying to talk to me. Don’t worry. I will put you at complete ease with my easy going demeanor and ability to help you enter a deep state of relaxation. I want you to disrobe–be mindful of how your feel naked in your world. Remove everything–including any jewelry you have on. Dim your lights, burn a candle if necessary. Lay back and close your eyes.

Now I want you to just focus soley on the sound of my voice. Listen to my voice and relax. You will have to promise to me that you will do everything I tell you to do. Exactly as I state it–I need you to obey me. Say it to me in my ear–tell me you will obey me. I need your complete and utter trust–your entire being–your body–your orgasm. You will give over your control to me. You just have to focus only on the sound of my deeply pleasing, erotic voice. No reason to be fearful.

Keep focusing on my voice. I want you to breathe in very deeply and hold it for a second and then let it out. Feel your body sink down into the couch or bed upon which you lay. With every breath, every hold, every exhalation a little bit more of the tension that is binding you escapes from your muscles.

Can you feel me? I am there with you right now…as naked as you are. A cosmic presence that brings warmth to your entire body–you feel that warmth emanating from me–soft sexual rays that pass my arousal into yours. You are completely mine aren’t you? Say it aloud. You are mine, you are mine…say it. Obey me. Your body is mine. Your cock is mine. Pledge your cock to me and let me drain you of that tension. Let me squirt it all over me and become addicted to my erotic hypnosis phone sex. I cannot wait to own you and have you obeying me.

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Domination phone sex smoking fetish

 smoking fetish Rena

I rub the lipstick over my lips–over and over–coating them in thick, pink paint. You are watching intently as I smile into the mirror looking at you. I turn to face you. I take my cigarette case and remove a long Virginia Slim–menthol. Lifting my zippo from the side table, I hand it to you. It sparks twice before igniting and you light my cigarette as we stare into each other eyes. The smoke from the smouldering stick swirls and rises then dissipates. You inhale deeply as I draw long and hard enough for you to hear the crackling of the tobacco as the paper burns toward the filter. Your cock is getting hard as it watching my lips give the cigarette head. You’ve always enjoyed smoking fetish phone sex haven’t you?

Sometimes words are all you need to imagine a woman seductively drawing on her cigarette. Words can create the perfect scene of long skinny fingers with a french manicure cradling a burning stick between the index and middle finger of the hand. Can you see me rubing the filter over my clit? Do you want me to stick the filter into my cunt so you can see this pussy smoke?

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Domination phone sex: A good Mistress will treat her slaves

domination phone sex meredith


The truth is, his obedience to my commands is such a turn on that I have lately been thinking about giving him a little reward. I know it would give him the utmost pleasure if I allowed him to fuck me over the phone. I have toyed with the idea of allowing him to have domination phone sex with me–of course it would a one time deal. I don’t know but I think all good puppies deserve a treat sometimes.

Of course when I say he would get to fuck me it wouldn’t the standard fucking. I mean sure, he can put that spoiled cock up my pussy but I’m still going to be queen on the throne…and of course the standing rule of consumption will still apply–he’ll have to suck it out of my twitching hole–but for a pithy slave like Jersey slut this is candy land. What do you say you little nasty phone sex fucker?