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JZ does your ass swallow? I am not talking about dick and cum–I am talking about the pussy juice filled squirting strap on dildo that I bought especially for you. I do understand your need to be spread out and ready to receive–and biologically I am given to the fact that it is atypical for a man to want his ass stretched and penetrated the way you do. The fact of the matter is–I love the fact that your ass swallows my plastic dick. I love reducing you to the type of man who will just lay there with his legs spread and take it.

Truck Stop Whore Phone Sex

Dark fantasy phone sexI have really been wanting to live out my Deepest, Darkest Fantasy Phone Sex. See I am a Truck Stop Whore, a Lot Lizard as the Truck Drivers call them. I would hang out at the Truck Stop waiting for the trucks to roll in, wanting a new piece of strange meat. Once you park your Big Rig I will climb up on the step of your cab and knock on your drivers door window.”Would You Like Some Company” I will ask. You of course being of the Male Gender can’t resist. I dont even care if you have money, we can trade my Big Ass for anything. Being with broke asses isn’t anything new to me, all of us Truck Stop Whores will do anything to get what we want from you Men. We will climb up in your sleeper in the truck and I will start to undress you (better tuck your wallet under the pillow). When I have you naked I will only take my pants down, NEVER off in case I need a quick get-away.

I take my red Lipstick out of my bra to swipe it across my lips a few times before sticking it back where it came from. As you lay back you reach for my Tits, I slap your hand away, telling you my Tits are off limits unless you want to pay more. Touching my Big Beautiful Tits will cost an additional Ten dollars. You are Cheap Fucker as most Truckers who have Sex with Lot Lizards are and you say no thats ok. So basically all you paid for was dipping your pencil Dick in my Glory Hole for about 10 strokes. Your on a timer sleaze bag, hurry up and get it done. When you are done I climb out of your sleeper and clean my self up and walk on over to the next poor sucker that just drove in. I love all that Strange Cock and as much of it as I can get and never have to worry about seeing any of you again. I cant wait to hear your secret Fantasies when you call me for some Fantasy Phone Sex.

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Good to the last drop

Pissing Phone SexYou deserve a drink after a long hard day of serving me. My pissing phone sex hits the spot. Every drop you drink from my hot wet cream pie is sticky sweet. My hot golden nectar fully satisfies your lust to be my toilet slave. And if your a really naughty boy my dirty ass could use some attention! I love being your pissing phone sex mistress! Your mouth is my playground to fill. You long to worship everything that comes out of my perfect precious holes. Never have you experienced such a goddess. I am everything you could ever desire. Get on your knees and lap up every last drop.

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I sent the picture of my freshly painted toes to Z and then waited for him to blow up my text box. So predictable. I had told him that I needed his help badly and that there was something in it for him. Of course he took the bait. I told him that I was crushing on one of my masturbation phone sex callers. That’s not really too far from the truth because there is a bit of truth to that, but I digress. I had him right where I wanted him.

I start sending the pictures and I watched his resolve literally melt away. I could tell he was masturbating and he was licking the air as if he was licking my pussy. I admit–I masturbated thinking about him losing control so much that he would lavish my pussy with so much oral attention–but again I digress.

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I want you to read my words and stop and take that fucking horny dick out of your pants right now! I am one sexy, red-hot fucking phone sex perverted bitch. I want to give you all this deviance that runs in rivers down my legs and collects in the deep crevice of my ass. All this pungency can be yours for as long as your rupturing dick can handle. And with me that generally isn’t much.

I’m going to take a pair of my worn, black panties and spread my legs. I will part this cunt open–my gash glistening with juices. You’re on your knees and begging. If you want a piece of this cunt you’re going to have to sit there and watch me fuck my panties. I am going to rub my dripping twat all over them–making them pungent with pussy aroma. Then I am going to pick my thighs up and expose my anal love hole. I will take these fucking pussy drenched panties and fuck my hole pushing them in deep. I will then call my little perverted puppy over and we’ll do a little digging for treats with your fingers, mouth and tongue. Then I will fuck you up your ass as I tie these panties over your mouth and nose. You will have to wait to cum until I say so…it’s all my doing as well. I own that fucking cock–even though I am a nasty, older woman you can’t get enough of me. Can you B?

Are you in search of a Mistress who motivates with her ass and pussy? Are you an anal phone sex slut who needs a nasty phone sex woman to sate your deviant desires? I bet you know just be looking at me what I am capable of–and your dick will be hooked once you take this pungent plunge!

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