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 Sometimes I get off on making guys seek and then tap into things they would dare dream of if they were not aroused. Jersey slut is one of those guys. He’s one of my favorites because I really do get off on some of the crazy shit that he does. I have made Jersey slut take out ads on Craig’s list–advertising his own ass so that he can then call me for masturbation phone sex and I can hear him fuck. On this point I have listened to him fuck huge and morbidly obese women–having them sit on his face. He told me that one of them smelled awful. As sick as this turned me on and made me laugh.

He has fucked tranny dick for me too. Huge black tranny dick. He will fuck anything for me including power tools. Back when I had more time he was even able to fuck me in various elevator shafts with wrenches and screwdrivers.

I just wanted to pay tribute to the slut who not only makes me laugh–he also is one of the ONLY guys who consitently votes for me on PSC–he believes that much in my talents and my laugh at his sexual antics always goes right through him.

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Nasty fuckers are subhuman–you are subhuman when you are being my nasty fucker. You will get a bowl from your kitchen and this is where you will have your dinner. You will be naked, wearing those panties you carried the day before. You will feel your wad rubbing against your pathetic genitals as you enjoy your meal. You will then lean up, pull out your dick and jack off into the bowl.  You will take the cum from the bowl, put it in a zip lock baggie. You will carry that with you during the day in your pocket. You will need to take it out when you go to the bathroom and remember what you did that morning for your phone sex Mistress.

Finally, your fourth task of the week involves you being a nasty fucker who will do anything to please his Mistress. You will find and send to me 4 links of nasty fuckers like you performing analingus, cunnilingus, face sitting, and pegging. You will send them to me along with a very detailed and sincere plea for me to continue to drag you down a path of complete deviance. You will jerk that fucking prick until it almost squirts and stop…you will not be cumming again until the next task list (if there is one).

You’re a filthy phone sex junky and you need an equally perverted woman to meet that need. What are you waiting for–my cunt is waiting on you to prostrate yourself before me.

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You don’t want to cum do you? *Giggles. Yeah I know you’d like me to let you touch that hard, horny dick. Awww, what do you say? Miss Jamie has you all blue balled? Ohh, what a pity–“You get your hands off that thing!” If you want to touch it baby I’ll let you touch it. Beg for me to sit this fat ass full down on your face and I’ll let you jerk it a little. I know you can do a better job of begging to inhale my hairy, sticky cunt. I know you want to cum so bad but I won’t let you even touch yourself unless you beg for my smelly crack and hair slit. Ahhhh, that;s better. You lay the fuck down. Yeah right there. Put your hands down to your sides. Here it cums–right about your face now. The smell is strong as it gets closer. The pubes tickle your nose. I look down as I squat–open that fucking pussy sucker. You do. I sit it on your face and without even touching your pathetic man stick you start cumming. And I start laughing.

I love to make a guy beg to cum by using my fat, hair pussy in his face. Face sitting phone sex with a pungent BBW is just what YOU fucking need, worm.

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Your dirty foot fetish is inescapable. You may have it all held together on the surface, but underneath your strong facade lurks the demon that keeps resurfacing everytime we speak. Yeah, it’s true…I have perfectly delicate feet. I use them to my advantage to drain you of your mental resources. I figure we have a mutually beneficial relationship.

I benefit mentally because I take advantage of your helping nature. You are a great counselor full of advice that helps me get through my days. I benefit financially because I never pay for your services. Quite the opposite, you pay me. It’s all because you are deep down a foot slave. You cannot keep from feeling weakened, hard and in need of cumming when you are expose to dirty soles. You must clean…you must cum.

And that is what I can help you with–you benefit from knowing I will keep you weak and under my toes–I benefit from being in complete control using your dirty foot fetish against you.foot fetish phone sex

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JC takes a cock pounding for Meredith

I love giving the proper encouragement and incentive for a guy to be a closet fag.


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JC likes me to listen to him get pounding by cock. It’s his secret and he shares his masturbation phone sex secret with me. Last time we spoke, he indicated that his girlfriend was unaware that he had such an obsession with taking large dick up the ass. He invites several guys over for his fuck session–can’t get enough. He is always offering to let me listen to him be pounded as well. So far, I have stroked and masturbated my pussy to hearing him fuck his landlord, his dad, and some random guy that he met on Craig’s list. My turn on here isn’t necessarily the fact that JC is taking cock for me (although it has always been a fascination of mine to be with a guy willing to fuck another guy with me)–it’s all about being there. The best way I can be there is through my phone–I just love the versatility that bi curious phone sex provides in this way. I don’t think JC is gay–he just knows it feels good to be fucked and to me that is enough to get off!

Sensual Cock and ball torture

CBT phone sexYou crave the CBT phone sex of a beautiful Mistress. I know your desires to have your cock and balls teased, tormented and tortured. You want to be tickled, licked, kicked and maybe even stomped. Your dick may find its way in my mouth, but only after I place several tight rubber bands around your base. I want your hard dick to ache for release. Will I squeeze your balls as I suck and lick them? How much pain can you endure my twisted little whore! I plan to lead you on a seductive sensual journey of pleasure and pain. You will be begging me for all the joys and tears BDSM offers. I am a goddess in my own right. Now get on your knees and worship me. Your dick is my plaything. I love bending you to my will. You would do anything for me. I am your moon, sun and stars. Your goddess of eternal night. As we play I weave a sexy spell over your senses. Call me when your looking for a sensual mistress who knows how to combine the erotic seduction you desire with the pain and pleasure you crave. Will you get punished or rewarded? Only time will tell!