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fetish phone sexI am the goddess of all your fantasy fetishes. I love all the dirty role playing your have in mind. Of course I am more woman than you could ever handle. I plan to dominate your dick. You will give me your best body worship phone sex. I require your tongue to lick ever inch of my body inside and out. I do like my fair share of fuck boys. I hope you understand I lust for much bigger dicks than yours. If your lucky You might get to watch. Of course my cream pie is always ready for your tongue. I know I Am your total fantasy. You are practically begging for me to turn you into my cuckold phone sex slave. Men like you need to know your place. Now get on your knees and lick that big black cock cum out of my cunt while you stroke your tiny little pathetic piece of man meat for me.

Darling Darla is Soaked to the Bone from Mistress Jamie’s Secret Surprise!

 jamie6315 (2)

And now the continuation of the dirty things that Darla the sissy faggot phone sex slut does for me. This Mistress is one pleased pussy because Darla doesn’t just say she is submissive…SHE IS submissive and that pleases me beyond belief. It pleases me also to share our dirty exchanges with fans of the domination phone sex blog.



And there your legs have bucked under my weight and the waves of pissy sweet cum are gushing into your mouth as you breathe in your Mistress’ hairy cunt. Your cock is hard, my friend is quick to point that out. Yes, I do refer to your cock as a clitoris when you are dressed as “Darla.” I prefer to let the world know that you are very feminine for me even though your clitoris juts out like a cock should. My friend is very intrigued by the size of your clitoris. She takes out a wand vibrator and asks me if she may stimulate that clitoris.TRIUMPHUS1 - WIN_20150528_145052

I tell her that is just fine, but I pull my hairy pussy off your face and tell you that you MUSTN’T finish and rob me of the fun I have planned for the rest of the day. You seemed a bit mortified thinking that I was close to relenting and allowing you to cum–but to no avail, I plan to make you so pent up that your cum shot will literally hit the ceiling when I’m done with you.

I have you stand–you’re such a dutiful nasty “girl” that you know to keep your hands off that clit. I don’t want you to touch it just yet. My friend brings a vibrating prong–it has two heads on it.  You look at me quizzically–

“My friend is very special, Darla-” I say–”My friend has a clit just like yours.”

She pulls up her skirt and out pops a clit a bit larger than yours. You are shocked–the woman looked like a woman…she even had large breasts just like your mistress. Her clit is nested in a wiry mass of black pubes–just under her balls is her cunt–she is a hermaphrodite—you can’t believe your luck….TRIUMPHUS1 - WIN_20150528_145038

I stand between the two of you lovely nasty ladies…Darla and my dear friend Nikki–your clits are nearly touching and just to prove that Nikki’s pussy is real I stick my finger in it and have you taste==

Sweet and sensual like I take the two headed prong while the two of you stand there and I start to make you both squirm with effeminate delight…your cock is buzzing and you’re incredibly turned on…

Darling Darla Replies:

Oh Mistress,

I cant believe I haven’t cum yet!! how exciting of a day is this!!!!! I can only imagine what she is wearing!!!

obviously something with easy access.


Darla the Slut

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If you don’t do what I fucking say I will squash you like a fucking bug

 giantessYou pissed me off so I drugged your food and waited. I knew that in a about an hour, you would be the size of a bug–only 1” tall. That’s what you get for cheating on me. That’s what you get for fucking being a lousy boyfriend.

For making me feel small and insignificant I have now made this your reality. I am the great giantess phone sex Mistress of the man who dreams of having absolutely no control over his life. I am the woman who will squash you like a bug if you don’t do what I say–lick my pretty feet–lick my pussy–crawl inside my mouth and detail clean my teeth. Yes, you’re my slave now. I own your fucking ass.

I will threaten you with a squashing by hovering my large foot over you–you can see me smiling from between my toes and you know that evil smile means I am very serious. You beg and plead but I teach you quickly that you’re not going anywhere–doing anything–unless it is to care for my needs. It amuses me to see you struggle when I wrap my giant fingers around your body and squeeze you til you turn purple. I laugh when I drop you into my dirty nylons–all coated with my scent and sweat from walking around all day in my high heel shoes.

The best part of all is when I squat and pee on your head and the deluge sweeps you away–I laugh and giggle because you have no control anymore…

Giantess phone sex with Sinn

Darling Darla in Fuck Me heels Gets Saturated and Smothered-hairy



And now the continuation of Darling Darla the sissy faggot phone sex submissive who makes me proud with her willingness to show off for all my hair adoring fans!


I came four times before my friend–the store clerk–stopped sucking on my furry beaver. Beads of sweat had formed on your brow. My friend got in your face with her cunt breath and blew it into your nose almost like she had taken a log drag from a cigarette and blew it in your face. Your knees buckled and I giggled with approval.

I told my friend that maybe we should let the little Darla sit down—take a load off of those pointed fuck me heels. I could tell you were having fun despite the humiliating circumstance of having a gag shaped like a dick in your mouth. You were poking out hard in those trailer trash pink panties.

I enjoy seeing you in those trashy crotch covers. They fit a little funny as you dick and balls when hard tries to push the front lace panel off to one side. As your Mistress it’s something I must point out to my friend. I make you pull those panties to the side just like a slut would–so trashy having you hang that dick and balls–shaven and soft out there for my friend to see. Of course she can’t touch them-because they are mine.TRIUMPHUS1 - WIN_20150528_145205

However, I am not done toying with my Darla yet. I want to show my friend how deep our relationship is. I lay you back on an ottoman–making you hold your hips in a bridge with those shoes on–that way your cock and balls are exposed and sticking up like a flag pole. Then I sit fully down with my fat ass and hair pussy on your face.  “Suck that hairy cunt, Darla–make your Mistress squirt juices down your throat…”

TRIUMPHUS1 - WIN_20150528_145214

You’re sucking me down–doing the best job you can. You inhale the briny aroma of my flesh folds and pheromones that are sticking to my pubes like flies on fly paper. It’s pungent–sweaty and very filthy between your Mistress’ legs. You are literally breathing my hairy fat cunt…I can see your legs wobbling and I tell you you must hold this position until your Mistress cum thrice….

Darling Darla Replies:

Oh Mistress,

what I wouldn’t do to sniff your hairy pussy…thank you for including me on your trip and letting me watch and smell. you both smell so good…all sweaty and sex covered.

I am truly a lucky slave.

I dressed up to red your letters,.,,,

picture attached


Darla the Slut

Sissy faggot phone sex with Jamie Lynn–email me for other options to serve my hairy cunt.

Sissy Boy Phone Sex

Sissy Boy Phone SexOK… To All The Sissy Boy’s Mistress Mayhem is here. And I’m looking for some new toy’s. Just so you know that mean for you to drop to your knee where you belong because you are my new toy. I can do with you as I wish. Now that you are on your knee’s crawl over, get the phone and your Credit Card. Now dial 1-866-359-9273 you will then be talking to the one and only Mistress Mayhem. While on the phone with me you will learn I’m the one in charge.

So let’s see where I want to take this . Call me NOW..

Mistress Mayhem @ 1-866-359-9273

Jersey Slut’s fun with Vegetables and Mayonnaise

 meredith6815 (2)

It pleases me greatly to inform you that Jersey slut is still alive and kicking. He’s been a little infirm lately–but now is feeling much better. Better enough to spend some much needed time with his kinky domination phone sex Mistress. Jersey slut was so eager he was willing to fuck anything he could get his hands on–although he really wishes he’d had a dildo–he ended up selected from the fridge some carrots and a jar of mayonnaise.

There’s nothing I love better than a creamy hole! Domination phone sex to me pushes the limits and so I pushed Jersey sluts limits a bit with this but I had him completely fill that asshole to the overflowing max with mayonnaise and then had him fuck himself like a cummy little whore bag. It was delicious–to say the least–to hear him worshiping his one true Domination phone sex Mistress–Me, Meredith. Always willing to do anything to help me out–he religiously votes for me on phone sex central–as a thank you I make him a produce lover!