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“Sir, I need you to come with me.” I led the wayward passenger to examination room three. I could only imagine the man’s face all tense with fear of missing his flight. Hopefully the view of my tight ass in my sexy TSA uniform would console him a bit. After all, this is my job. We must keep the skies safe.

I had him sit at the table and then I got to work going through the suitcase on the table in front of me. The man became a upset, his face knit into annoyance, “Ma’am, that isn’t my suitcase.”

Smiling I checked my papers, “I need to see your ticket.”

I matched the numbers on the claim ticket to the numbers on the bag. “This is your suitcase.”

“There has been a mistake, I will miss my flight Ma’am. Perhaps if you…”

“The quickest way out of here is for me to perform this inspection.” I snapped a pair of latex rubber gloves onto each of my hands and began to unzip the travel bag.

The man acquiesced until I started pulling out numerous sex toys and torture devices. There was a leather paddle with holes bored into the flanges giving it an appearance of a slice of swiss cheese. I pulled out an pink, flexible double dong. I looked at the man, “Nice,” I giggled.

“I told you that bag isn’t mine,” He said clearly flustered.

There was a bag of women’s underwear that were obviously moist as the bag had clouded with condensation, perhaps urine, perhaps something else.

“Transporting bodily fluids is against Ordinance 5769 by the Department of Homeland Security, Sir.” I said in an official tone.

“But I told you it’s not my bag. I demand that you let me out of this room.” He was irate. He was foaming at the mouth a little and his face was red with anger.

“As I have indicated, we need to complete the inspection and I must pass this bag or you will miss your flight, so sit the FUCK down.”

The man had no idea what was coming next. I found some Jet-light lubricant in the bag and I started to rub it into my gloves like lotion.

“Sir, due to the contents of your bag I am afraid I am going to have to conduct a body cavity search on the grounds that you might be transporting illegal aphrodisiac. I will need you to stand up and lower your trousers please.”

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I hope this dumb mother fucker returns for more abuse. Maybe I will wear my steal toed dock martins next time. I also have a nice two inch studded leather belt that has his name all over it. This moron needs to get whats coming to him. I plan to make him cry so much I will use his tears for lubricant when I masturbate.

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I need counseling for YOUR Foot Fetish Addiction

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I need counseling for YOUR Foot Fetish Addiction.

I’d spent the day out in my garden barefooted. Planting flowers and watering plants always calms me down–being a lifelong sufferer of anxiety I need a natural outlet. I love the way the dirt feels squishing between my toes–and it doesn’t particularly bother me that my feet become embedded with Virginia red clay and dark potting soil.

Why, pray tell, doesn’t it bother me? I have a foot fetish pet–a pet who is also my therapist. He helps me work on my anxieties and then–well he pays me to clean my dirty feet after I’ve been in the garden. My therapist will talk to me with authority at first. We’ll start working through some issues but all the time I am waiting with these filthy feet to break him down and walk away from my session without paying a dime–as a matter of a fact–he pays me.

He pays me because he loves feet dirt so much. He tenderly licks each muddy toe. The more I rub my scummy pods in his face the weaker he gets. He starts dropping the counselor facade and then–well I never get to the bottom of my problems but that is ok. I walk out of there with money in MY pocket instead and it’s all because of this wonderful fetish for feet dirt.

Are you a cleaner? Do you crave feet dirt like my therapist?