Phone Sex Domination Humiliation


I love to amuse myself at Jersey slut’s expense–phone sex domination with humiliation is a great stress reliever. Sometimes I just get in one of my moods and I feel a strong need to humilate the whore. Last week was no exception. He called–he wanted me–I teased him with my sexy voice and wet cunt for a little bit then I sent him to his own bathroom where I made he raid his wife’s make up. I made him cake that shit on and had him quote the line from Silence of the Lambs (I’d fuck me so hard).

I had a great laugh but I also got very turned on by Jersey Sluts apparent disregard for using as much of his wife’s make up as possible. I had him wear down her lipstick by giving himself big fat clown lips–it would have been great if he could have given himself head but since he couldn’t I settled for him using her toothbruth lubed with half of her Noxema right up his shit chute. He fucked it and then I made him cum in the Noxema and stir it up–put the lid back on. My pussy was so pleased by this slut’s obedience…I deserve obeying sluts in my phone sex domination stable don’t I?

Keepin’ it Edgy–Edge Play Phone Sex


I am honing in on you. I will start very slowly–perfectly grooming myself for the “kill.” I make sure my hair is perfect–I wear it down so that it kisses my shoulders and that delightful spot between my shoulder blades. I wear an open backed dress–the hemline is to the mid-thigh. The dress is ruby red. I make sure that I put on just enough make-up. I prefer men who enjoy the look of sophistication as opposed to one that drools of slut. When the weather is warm–and it has been lately I do not wear panties or stockings. I like to accentuate my look with a pair of matching strappy sandals–the kind with a 4” heel. I am practiced at walking in them–I am elegant–you prefer elegant.

I stalk you and follow you everywhere so that you are going to see me (sometimes out of the corner of your eye, sometimes not). At first your dick grows so hard at first glance that you find you have to go to the rest room. You just need to touch a little big–you love a little edge play. Seeing such a beautiful woman motivates you to build things up.

It doesn’t stop there because I continue this pursuit and you continue your edge play. You golf a few holes and have to leave the course due to the ache in your now blue balls. When you pull your cart to the club house you find I am sitting there wearing a wide-brimmed red hat. I am sipping a drink with my cultivated lips. The clubhouse is closed and we are alone.

I rise up from my chair and introduce myself. I take note of the large bulge in your crotch. I give you a crooked smile that doubles as an offer to help relieve you of your pain. Of course the pain has only just begun.

We make out–hard behind the club house where I wrap my spindly fingers around your cock for the first time. I squeeze to prevent you from cumming–I stroke just below the threshold required to make you shoot. I keep you on the edge for a long, long time. I promise that I’ll relieve you later–I just need to be in a more private area.

You show up to my house–an expansive work of architecture that sits right on the golf course. You come inside. Have a drink–you feel sleepy.

When you wake you are in my basement–tied to a massage table. I have oils, peppermints, instruments of delight all for our edge playing phone sex pleasure…

You look at me and realize as you stare into these hypnotic blue eyes that it will be a long, long night indeed.

My Mistress Phone Sex–Obey your way to My Heart

My-Phone Sex Mistress Sinn–Rule #1


I need a slave. More specifically I need a true phone sex slave As such, I require my rules to be followed. I have many and they are subject to change at a whim. One of the most basic rules seems to be the easiest forgotten by the sub who thinks he’s clever and witty and able to serve 2 Mistresses or more at once.

Read the below very carefully the below rule:

I will serve, obey, and please my Mistress.

Serving Me requires a financial commitment. I require you to pay my per minute fee for all of my time and any other subsequent gratuities that I might assign should you become high maintenance when we are not in session. To define high maintenance I mean that you spend time sending me emails that border on novel length–emails that you pathetically expect Me to read and reply to. No, I don’t do that. The same way with IM conversation. Yes, I get it–you just want to make sure–you call Me and serve Me you will no longer be unsure I promise you.

Obeying–this seems to be a stretch for the phone sex slave. I blame the disembodied restrictions of having sessions completely on the phone whereby I am restricting to doling out my various pleasures on your body. With me, however, obeying is expected and non compliance with my demands and requests are met with indifference. If one wishes to be owned one must obey–that is basic. Let it be known that with Me as your phone sex Mistress you forfeit any and all rights to call any of the shots. I need to know your limits ahead of time because once I start you will do what I require without any talk back..

I am pleased by slaves who serve and obey according to what you’ve read here.

 My Mistress Sinn Website

Phone Sex Mistress Meredith Makes you Earn that orgasm


What will you do to get off? If you’re jersey slut–you’ll do whatever the fuck I tell you to. If you’re jersey slut you will procure a cucumber, some condoms, a jar of peanut butter and a toaster. If you’re jersey slut you know your ass is going to be filled–but you can’t quite figure out the peanut butter or the toaster.

And that is where my creativity comes in–you see when you don’t fucking call for regular domination sessions like jersey slut has failed to do–you incite my creativity. Yes, that is kind of a bad thing–but only for you. My punishments can be bizarre and sweet and oh so painful–you will come to love them I am sure.

Just like jersey slut did last Friday. First he ate the peanut butter so that there was a hollowed out hole in the middle and then he fucked the jar. He had to push hard to get his cock in there…tight fucking peanut butter pussy for a peanut butter lovin’ dick. His mouth was all sticky though–so I couldn’t hear much of what he was saying only that it felt so good to fuck that peanut butter pussy for me.

Then he stuck the condom on the cucumber and slid it into his faggotty asshole. He loves fucking his asshole–he loves getting that asshole fucked by tranny dick sometimes too. I love making his asshole stretch and he whines to cum–but he had to earn it.

And that is where the toaster came in. He was made to dangle his balls over it while the handled was depressed. I made him get closer and closer to the heat–he had to count to 20 and then fuck himself some more. No mercy–and then I let him cum after I felt he was done paying for his neglect of my delicious pussy.

Be Sinnfully Humiliated by Phone Sex Dominatrix Sinn

sinn34Do you want to know what I really think about men? Of course you do. You with your dick in hand as you peruse all the phone sex sites lamely IM’ing anyone who will answer your fucked up questions. So hard and weak are you that you believe anything these faceless monikers throw at you. Your cock hurts–it bleeds lust.

Well you are a man are you not? It isn’t enough to say that men are pigs. You are the epitome of human swine. The minute your cock is hard you lose your ability to form rational decisions. Your body does not contain enough liquid to support the function of your mental processes and sex drive–so biology has chosen for you what is most important. That’s right, your SEX DRIVE is most important. It trumps everything. Why do you think David Carradine did what he did? C’mon Grasshopper you are not that stupid are you?

But maybe you are–because you’re a man. Your cock is like a divining rod–seeking out the waters of vaginal pleasures. It rises to the occasion. It’s like a steel rod sometimes depending on what your eyes behold. However, it doesn’t matter much about looks once you’re hard. You’ll stick that humiliating mark of your weakness in any wet hole you can and fuck your heart out. Once in, a shade is pulled down changing you from a mostly human form–into a fucking animal–one that needs training.

My training…and that is why you need me. I KNOW that you are a man…purely organically male–and with that I can exploit your manhood…ready for some Sinn in your life? Let me be the phone sex Humiliatrix you’ve been craving.

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I do phone sessions during the evenings.

Sabrina’s Silicone Addicted Dick Whore


You silicone addicted dick whore! Did you love how I made you line up your toys like some perverse smorgasboard? I loved seeing them like that–a banquet of choice. What flavor will we savor? Or, more appropriately, what flavor will YOUR ASS savor. Your little pounding butthole is just so hungry for a feeding. Your face is one of complete and utter weakness–lust is something you wear outwardly in that expression. You almost look like you’re on drugs. Maybe you are–my drugs–my voice–my cunt–my laugh–and my determination to make you into my personal cock whore.

You love putting yourself out there for me to watch. You grab your favorite dildo–it looks realistic. I wish I could fuck you with it myself, but being that I am your phone sex Mistress I must make you do my dirty work. Dirty work for a filthy cunt. You sit on it and I can tell you’re working that prostate. You’re all playing with your nipples with your mouth agape like a porn star queen. You filthy little fucker. I wonder if your wife smelled your nasty fucked out ass on that leather couch when she fell asleep on it that night!