Kinky phone sex domination


Sometimes a gift seems “just OK” until you find the right application of the gift. That’s what happened with a high school friend’s gift this year. He knew I liked to cook; he has come over to my place from time to time for a pan of home-style lasagna or some such. We’ve always flirted, but nothing serious. He was always too quiet and reserved to make a move on a woman like me. He has no idea what I do; I just know he’s had a crush on me since second grade

This year he gave me an emulsion blender. This ranks up in the pedestrian gifts if you ask me. That is, until I discover flavored infused whip cream. My journey began with cinnamon/ sugar/ nutmeg whip cream for pumpkin pie, but I am a deviant girl…what about peppermint extract? I made some and had a mind numbing orgasm with a double penetration dildo. Why should I not share the gift?

Peppermint is such an aphrodisiac! It tingles at the touch, sparkles the tongue…yum ☺
I invited my friend over for dinner. I made sweet and sour chicken for dinner on jasmine rice. I added a bit more vinegar than called for on the recipe…but I had other plans. Dinner went off perfectly, but I could tell he wanted more sweet with his sour. I went to the counter, added peppermint sticks to the emulsion blender base. The sound was jarring when I hit the button.

I added some cream and sugar to the peppermint base and made the cream whipped peppermint cream. My friend expected something to taste that was sweet, but rather I knelt between his legs and took out his cock. I took some of the cream and rubbed it against his cock s I smiled. I could tell the peppermint was sending sensations through his body as he writhed just a bit.

I smiled as I saw his discomfort from the peppermint and I made him mine now. I swallowed his cock…and cream…in big mouthful. Satisfying him, he realized I was more than I appeared, and realized I used my gift to please him. His cum shot down my throat at the realization and we spent the rest of the night finishing what we started.

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Cream Pie Phone Sex Mistress Meredith


Craving a little biological delicacy are we? I know you’re just all pent up from looking at my gorgeous photos and very aroused reading and hanging onto my every word. I know you’d delight in running your tongue up my salty skin to find my mouth unwilling for a kiss–my hand would find your dick, though. And I would masturbate you. Pushing you into the wall I would enjoy watching your face–the resolve waning as I run my hand up and down slowly. I know you like this–you like to be against a wall for me. Finally, a well placed kiss tasting of strawberry EOS from soft lips. My breath infuses you. I nibble at your neck as I pick up the pace with my hand–‘you love it don’t you darling, you love the way I handle your cock,” I devour your tongue. Then you find yourself on your knees and in quick order my skirt raises for the show–no painties and pouting wet pussy lips. “You get down there and eat it,” I tell you. “Yes Ma’am.” I enjoy your obedient tongue but I withhold my pleasure because I know that is something you crave–you love the taste–the smell and how dirty you feel when you eat it. You start to beg for my orgasm–and I laugh. “do you really want it darling?” I ask. Of course you do–look at you all drug eyed–horny–you’ll do anything. That’s where I need you to be. “On your knees and close your eyes,” a soft but sure demand I issue that you obey. You hear me pad off barefooted. You are excited. The mass of your erection hurts but feels good–you know you’re going to need to cum and there is nothing you will not do to make sure that you get what I have to offer. “Open your mouth,” there is a slight hesitation as your breath catches in your throat, but still being dutiful you obey. The taste is nutty, sweet. It has a varied flavor–a smokey aftertaste. I am laughing. “Keep eating,” you hear the sucking sounds of my fingers at my pussy hole. You do not want me to cum on my fingers—you want me to cum in your mouth. So you greedily devour the entire drink. All of it–there is a bit of a piss taste in the cup. I am laughing now more and more. You are humiliated and ready. Then I take your tongue with my hungry cunt. You strangely find that it tastes like the substance in the cup–then you realize that my pussy is full of another man’s cum. You start to squirt your load on the floor as I laugh–you move and I cum on your face. I get down to your level for a split second–pushing your face downward–you’ll eat it all! Cream pie phone sex with Mistress Meredith

Domination Phone Sex Mistress Meredith

J’s voice is shaken and not stirred as he comes to be again for another phone sex therapy session. I love making J confess to his hidden desires–however his lust for me is hardly hidden at all. The session always starts with emails laced with desperation, “I fucking need you” becomes “I can taste you” becomes “is the doctor in tonight?” The emails become more intense as his rock hardens in his pants. He is no doubt ensnared in my seductive clutches where I cradle his every secret and then use them to fuck his mind.


Isn’t the mind just one big fucking sex organ anyway? I know it’s cliche, but imagine if you couldn’t form coherent thoughts or visualize scenarios. Imagine mindless sex–then call me like J does and I’ll set you straight just like I set him straight. Of course my methods with him would vary from the ones I’d use on you—it just so happens that he likes me to make his asshole a pliantly submissive orafice for my expert strap on wielding skills. In my world it doesn’t matter because whatever you tell me is fodder for me to fuck your head with. Your mind fuck phone gasm will far exceed the ones you get from masturbating to nekkid women on the internet.

And if you are not a believer yet you could always sit in J’s position–I get into his head–molest his emotional ties to his phone sex sessions with me. Then I make him fucking cum so hard he nearly passes out.

I want to fuck your mind during our phone sex domination session–I get the fuck off on it…right J?

Domination Phone Sex Strap On Play


S wakes up with a hard on and a hankering–even though is wife is quite attractive he can’t get enough anal action from her large, rubber dick. The minute she goes to sleep he looks for me. He is so needy and wanton that he begs for me to make him my bitch. He even got caught indulging himself one night and I didn’t hear from him for like 2 weeks–then suddenly he reappeared nearly sweating his nutsack off to have me strap on phone sex fuck him–he needs it that much. He wraps his dick in a vibrating sleeve and I degrade and humilate him for being such a filthy fucking slut. I love it–and he cums for me–something he doesn’t do easily. I can be so deliciously mean and seductive while doing it–to me this is the best part of phone sex .

Tease and Denial Phone Sex


You will jerk your cock for me and you will not cum. You will do this for as long as I indicate because it amuses me and it makes my pussy wet. Your cock is my toy and your hand is the only means I have of playing with it. I love it when I can get into a guy’s head so deeply that he actually NEEDS to hear my voice even to get hard. I have a nasty new sub who I call D who has already sworn his cock over to Mistress Meredith–will you be next? I will take you on a trip of tease and denial phone sex that you will never forget. I am experienced and more than confident that by the time I’m done with you–you will be hopelessly addicted.

Cum Eating Phone Sex as a form of humilation with My-Mistress Sinn

cum eating phone sex with Sinn

You will eat and enjoy!

I love perverts who get so wrapped up in staring at Me as their cock hardens to my amazing physical prowess. I love a shamelessly hard cock–and trust me I love teasing it to get it right on edge for as long as I deem necessary. As I work your cock you will begin to fill your inhibitions lower–almost like you’ve been drinking only better because you’ll retain all your senses. Your cock will literally start to vibrate–and I will keep it that way–as you spill your sexual soul into my Sinn-ful ears. I love it when you give Me the ammunition with which I control your cock–My cock–because it’s not even yours even though it’s attached to your body. And so–to drive this point home know that if you fuck up and let a drop of that semen out of the end of that miserably hard cock–you’re gonna eat it–as a matter of fact you will eat each and every load you spill for Me. It will be up to me how you will consume it–face down on the floor–licking it off the wall–licking it off your wife’s dildo that I make you use on yourself—the possibilities with Me are endless–Cum eating phone sex with me is non negotiable–if you’re my sub you’ll be seasoning your palate often or you won’t cum. It’s that simple…