A foot control phone sex Mistress who is second to none


“You are second to none,” D said as he found himself at my electronic feet again. I just love how I’ve been away for 2 years and I find that the seeds of lust and destruction that I implanted in so many are still very much intact. Ruination smells, tastes and feel so sweet when it is applied to such a willing, suggestible target.

View the below picture. You see this is what it is all about for my foot slave D. The bombardment of his visual field with many photos just like the one below. They do not even have to be of me–just of feet and men being made to clean the dirty soles of a sexy woman while she eloquently ignores them. Yes, those dirty soles have created quite the sweet pain for D. He didn’t even have to remind me about this. I automatically knew and within 10 minutes of constantly slamming him with his favorite kind of foot worship smut–I heard his voice so pathetic and needy on the other end of the phone.


God I love to be the phone sex Mistress worshipped, adored, and so craved that even time can’t break those invisible ties. In this case–the psychological ties to my crafty way of keeping a horny, needy foot slave way under my spell!

“Your face is my seat and your dick belongs to my feet. At least that is how it works or how it should go down from my point of view.”