It’s time for them to suffer

extreme phone sexOh those stupid little cunts thought they had gotten away with it, they really thought that they could cross me and not be punished severely for it! Can you believe the nerve? No one, and I mean absolutely no one screws me and gets to go on their merry little way without taking a little trip to my cabin in the woods. Don’t worry, I’m not completely heartless, those that only commit a minor offense will receive a milder punishment than those that commit a greater offense but honestly once I get started there’s really no telling what I may end up doing. When I get the lust anything could happen, people could even end up dead. Anyway, these whores broke into my house while I was gone and robbed me, and that was a very big mistake on their part.

It only took me a day to find them and snatching them up was even easier, those dumb whores had no idea that I was the one they had stolen from until I informed them either. Seriously, I would be doing the world a favor to just kill them both and be done with it but for now I think whipping them should be enough… as long as they return everything they stole that is. You can see for yourself in the photos below what I did to them, what do you think, was I severe enough?

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Baby girl has a dark side.

I sometimes am into BDSM , and while my particular fetishes are pretty tame by BDSM standards, some people like to go to extremes. I catch my self thinking about very forbidden phone sex topics. You may be under the impression that I have a great deal of  violent sexual fantasies.
Sometimes I do, sometimes I really want to get into cock and ball torture. I want to nail your nuts with a stiletto and hear your cries of anguish.
For some of you this is very arousing, for others you may run the other way in utter terror. Yes that’s right sometimes I Want to brutalize your man junk!
I want to laugh when you cry and masturbate with your tears. Everyone has a dark side, mine just happens to be hardcore phone sex fantasies.
WE all harbor these kinds of fantasies that are dark and naughty deep down. Some of you want to fuck your step daughter others want to inflict pain.
Sometimes I want to be the sweet little girl daddy fucks, and other days I want to brutalize your man parts.

Daddy makes me and his daughter his very own sex slaves.

I am your daughter’s sexy friend and a really big tease. I do everything in my power to make you hard all night while I am spending the night with your sweet little girl for a sleep over! You decide enough is enough and you come into our bedroom with two rags soaked in chloroform. You place one over your daughter’s mouth and then one over mine.  You are very careful to place the cloth over both the nose and mouth until we pass out. You take us to your play room where you put us on medical tables.You keep us naked, with legs spread wide apart in stirrups. You restrain us in four point restraints that are bolted to the wall and ceiling and the table. There is no escape unless you will it. 

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50 shades of phone sex!

Make my cheeks cherry red. No…my other cheeks! Looking for totally taboo phone sex? I bet your belt will look so sexy wrapped around my throat during twisted phone sex! Just imagine the life draining out of me as you fuck my shit hole! That’s right, go ahead and fuck the life right out of me I dare you. Move the FUCK over 50 Shades of gray because it has nothing on us. We can discus everything from cbt, anal, water sports dirty fun, anal and deep throat. I will talk about anything, entertain any fantasy no matter how filthy, disgusting, immoral Continue reading →

Get on your knees!

cbt phone sexKneel before your Mistress you vile piece of excrement, you are not worthy enough to look Me in the eye. I am your Queen, you exist only to obey Me.I am not an easy Mistress to serve, I am sadistic and cruel and very, very hard to satisfy. I will require you to suffer immensely, you will beg, you will cry, you will scream and I still won’t be satisfied. I will have you writhing in agony as I torture you in many, many cruel ways. There are no safe words here slave, you will be allowed no limits. There will be no task too humiliating for you to perform, no torture too severe for you to endure. If I require you to die for Me you will, and thank Me for killing you with your last breath.

I specialize in CBT, if you do not know what that is, you are in the wrong place and you need to move on to the next Bitch. Don’t fucking waste My time if you are not ready to truly suffer for Me. Get your shit ready for Me, take out your rods, pins, clamps, clothespins, huge fucking dildos, paddles, anything you have laying around that could be used to make you scream. No pansy ass faking with Me either, I will know if you aren’t really doing what I ask of you and you will be punished severely for it! Put on your big boy panties loser and get ready for the ride of your life because you are Mine until you’re maggot food…