How does it feel now?

Some of you deserve extreme tease and denial phone sex more than others. Days like this I could cage your cock and balls till their purple. You tease me constantly then you flirt with other women when we’re out together. Maybe I should turn the tables and let you know just how it feels. Its going to be so much fun to duct tape you to this chair and make you watch while I get fucked by a big huge cock. Your dick is going to be so hard, see after I tie your hands down I am going to tease you with my tongue incessantly. I plan to flick my tongue delicately all over your fuck rod and balls Then just when you think “damn this is hot” I am going to put your boys in a cage! Then put a ball gag in your mouth and make you watch as I invite lover after lover in to fuck my pussy. Oh yes, I am going to tease you while you watch me with them. Do all the things to them you wish I would do to you. I may even taunt you with the fact your dick is so hard and you can’t even touch yourself! You are so excited the pre cum is overflowing onto the floor right now Oh you poor baby? How does it feel to know you can’t have me right now huh? How does it feel to know your now a cuckold phone sex prisoner? Made to watch and listen to me get off while you can’t?

Let’s make your Valentine’s Day electric

Some of you have really strange desires but who am I to judge? I have a guy friend who likes severe cock and ball torture . He also enjoys being punished with electricity! He begs to be given chores that are impossible to complete. Then he fucks up on purpose so I will hurt him. He likes to be bound and tied suspended from the ceiling with only two chairs turned over to balance him. Thankfully he is a skinny guy or I would need to use meat hooks. so here I am with Bitch boy…that’s what I call him these days. I have to secure his tongue so he doesn’t swallow it of course and tie his hands and feet so he doesn’t hit himself. After I have used everything from a stun gun with no darts to a heated cattle prod to torture his cock and balls he wants more. But again who am I to judge what gets a person off right? Continue reading →

Shut up and do what you’re told!

You’re a pathetic excuse for a man! A pervert who strokes his cock all day. You jerk off so much your dick is raw. You love the humiliation! I want to lay you on the floor and turn you into my toilet! You don’t deserve the right to fuck me. Just open your stupid mouth and drink the piss from my cunt while I squeeze my hand around your neck! I want to hear you gagging on my golden liquid you pussy addict. Then I am going to rub your dick and get it rock hard, but don’t even dream of cumming! NO! I am going to put your cock in a cage and deny you the privilege of cumming until your dick is purple. Continue reading →